Communicate Appreciation & Build Brand Awareness

We’ve mastered the SWAG BOX… so you don’t have to. We design, build, pack, store, and ship swag boxes for pre-event, post-event, or special-event occasions.

The Swag Box, Redefined!

custom branded swag box with logoed promotional products

SWAG traditionally stands for “Stuff We All Get,” but CREATIVE PROMOTIONAL MARKETING AGENCY interprets it as the much-more-useful acronym – Stuff With A GOAL!

Popular SWAG BOX Uses:

  • Onboard New Employees
  • Engage with Remote Teams
  • Build Brand Awareness & Loyalty
  • Reward Top Customers or Employees
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Humanize Virtual Events (pre & post-event)


Products can vary in the category and include drinkware, edibles, stationery, apparel, tech/electronics, awards, print, or anything you/we can dream up. Non-traditional items can also include liquor and locally sourced items (coffee, candles, lotion, etc.).


Package sizing will depend on the product(s) you want to be included in your SWAG BOX or SWAG BAG. Be AWARE that the size/weight of your box or bag and the number of products added to it will affect the fulfillment fee and shipping costs. Additionally, a logoed decal can act as a seal and a romance card thrown into the box will increase the perceived value at a small cost. Non-traditional packaging can include a logoed backpack, bag, or even a suitcase.

We Estimate Your FULFILLMENT

Fulfillment and shipping will vary depending on the number of products and the size/weight of your boxes or bags. We’ll estimate your fulfillment fees (adding products and packaging material like tissue, crinkle paper, or bubble wrap). Fulfillment fees begin at $4.50 per box/bag. We’ll also estimate your shipping costs (locally, within Canada, within North America, or Globally). The average shipping cost to ship a medium-sized box within Canada will be approx. $25.00+ We can ship to a business or residential address.

Each package provides the flexibility of hand-selected products TARGETED to your staff, customers, or audience. Our experts will securely pack each item with crinkle paper (in colors that represent your brand), safely ship it to each recipient (at home or in the office) all within a customized box created just for you. It’s that simple!

Fully custom swag boxes examples


The price above does not include the contents and shipping. Please fill out the form below and let's discuss product and/or apparel options today!

Packaging & Fulfillment Options

SWAG boxes packaging and fulfillment

Manufacturer set up costs and delivery costs from the manufacturer location are additional.