An important factor that makes SUPERIOR social media presence is having VISUAL CONSISTENCIES THROUGHOUT ALL PLATFORMS. In other words, if your client is to search your company name on the internet, any platform you utilize should be visually consistent with the other.

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HASHTAGS (LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter)

Hashtags help categorize posts, increase engagement, attract followers to a certain niche, build brand image, and help reach a target audience. Are there hashtags your company strategically uses?


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FILTERS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Filters create a smooth, eye-catching aesthetic that people will associate with your brand. Are there filters your company currently uses?


Typography is the style and appearance of printed material. Does your brand have specific typography?


Capitalization in writing is extremely beneficial as it shows readers the importance of specific words and indicates change in meanings (i.e. sentence case, title case, no capitals, etc.). Are there specific capitalization styles your company currently uses?

EMOJIS (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Emojis are used to express an idea or emotion through electronic communication; they help viewers understand what your social message is about just by getting a glance at it. Are there emojis your company strategically uses?


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