As Operations Coordinator, Samantha supports the team by entering and monitoring orders, tracking shipping deadlines, and assisting with other day-to-day project management needs.

She is passionate about providing exceptional service by understanding client needs and promoting both a positive and helpful experience that will leave a lasting impression!

She brings with her over 15 years of customer service expertise, as well as a diverse digital and physical arts skill set.

She is always seeking to learn new things, and earned both a Diploma in 3D Animation and a Diploma in Full-Stack Web Development.

She appreciates a good sense of humour and doesn’t like to take life too seriously – but don’t worry when it comes down to business, she knows what’s needed for success.

Samantha has always been inspired to look at the world outside of the box, and believes there is
no problem that can’t be creatively solved!

  • Like the energizer bunny, she will keep going and going until she comes up with an answer or solution to your problems
  • Loves to edit Audio & Video for short YouTube videos, and create custom digital art in  her spare time
  • Owns two cats named Batman and Robin
  • Gamer nerd extraordinaire, playing games from retro Nintendo, to Xbox and Steam games
  • Obsessed with the Oilers!

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5 start client review

The team works with my staff really well and communicates all the time, exceeding our expectations.
Darren Hamans, CEO, BeerGater

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