Wedding Entourage Gifts


We were asked to produce a special gift as a wedding party favour to unify the entourage of a special wedding party with a “Friends” Theme. We were required to select a product that would represent not just the wedding theme but also represent the special bond between the couple and their entourage.


We determined that a custom imprinted t-shirt in the color/tones of the wedding would be a perfect product and fit. The t-shirt would not just encompass the client’s theme but they would also be a fantastic keepsake that could be worn over and over again to provide a lasting memory of the special occasion.


This product was successful in its ability to provide a fun and memorable souvenir of the event and the couple. It also was a popular product that brought the couples entourage together. Note from the Happy Couple: “The t shirts were absolutely perfect! We wore them for the rehearsal and took professional photos in them. We are looking forward to using them at all future anniversaries and family events”.


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Aida Morales
Promotional Marketing Consultant

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