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Our client, Unity Global Financial, came to us with a specific set of needs for their new website. Not only did the new website had to be mobile-friendly and SEO optimized, but it also needed to deliver, the sometimes difficult subject of commercial, residential, and business financing, in an easy-to-understand, clear and approachable manner. A BIG wish list item for our client was a Commercial Mortgage Calculator – a tool for website visitors that is not commonly available on competitors’ websites.


We enlisted a team of experts to help bring this project to a successful completion. While our web developer was building the pages and functionality, our copywriter was creating clear and optimized written content that would help funnel each website visitor across the pages. In the meantime, our SEO team made sure the entire website and its content would be easily recognizable by search engines and local properties that link to it. A designated project manager ensured that each aspect of the new website was catered to the client’s needs. Through research and a deep understanding of how a Commercial Mortgage gets calculated, we were able to build a completely custom, interactive calculator that now gives this client an edge among the competition and provides a valuable tool for website visitors! Other interactive tools that were built into this website are a Residential Calculator, a Live Chat, and Dynamic Forms to pre-qualify clients or set up virtual meetings.


Through brand consistency across the entire site, beautiful, custom images, clear & focused messaging, and built-in interactive tools, this website is a helpful resource to prospects and a marketing tool to a very happy client!

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Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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Catherine Buchanan
Editor & Copywriter

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Daniel Tendera
Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

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