Unique Recognition Gift for “A Good Dad”


A unique recognition gift was require to source for a community of dads that coach and mentor a group of hockey players at a golf tournament. Additionally, only a small quantity was required and it was needed in a 10 day turn-around period.


We were able to provide a CREATIVE solution with a speedy turnaround time. We selected BBQ Rub or Promo Spice Tubes with a clever romance card for these hockey dads. It was determined that all of the recipients are BBQ fans and that the spice mixture (Amchur, Fleur de Sel, Tumric, Aji Panca and Sumac) are currently one of the trendiest products on the market. It also provided a romance card that would allow the association to include some touching or special messaging of the “true” meaning of a Good Dad. Inside the card read “Today, we celebrate YOU, as a coach, an inspirational peer, a positive role model and an amazing father.” Additionally, the lid provided another decoration area for branding.


This product was a huge success in addition to the appreciation golf tournament! The response on the taste of the spice and who it made the fathers feel created the reaction or recognition required.


Pete Kmech Photo