Unique One-Of-A-Kind Executive Gift


Our agency was tasked with finding a unique one-of-a-kind gift to commemorate a successful purchase and partnership. We needed to find something that this recipient would cherish and could be personalized with a special note of appreciation.


We presented the idea of a custom liquor bottles that could accommodate a deep etch as well as a colour-fill imprint on multiple sides. It was determined that the recipients loved Bourbon Whiskies, specifically Wild Turkey Whisky. We engaged our creative services department with a virtual of the product and the special messaging on one side and the project logo on the front side. It was quickly approved by our client and the product was ordered. To top it off, we coordinated the Mexican skull art shot glasses and a red bow to complete the presentation.


We were informed that this gift was PRICELESS to the recipient. He is looking forward to filling his keepsake as the bottle becomes empty. Mission accomplished!


Pete Kmech Photo