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Unique Gifts For Business Partners


As a leader within the commercial real estate development industry, our client had an objective to reinforce their position amongst their partners by achieving their top goal of customer satisfaction. They indicated to us that they were looking for gifting items to share with their partners in business. They wanted suggestions of unique items with subtle branding.


There are times when “unique” items can become something so particular that it only reaches a small number of recipients. Amongst so many options that are out of the ordinary, why not pick the ordinary and make it extraordinary?!

Aw Snap! The Snapfolio changes the game with the click of a button. This item accommodates full colour sublimation on the entire product, but this doesn’t always have to mean bright and all things colour. We were able to show the capabilities of creating something custom while still maintaining the preferred look with subtle palettes and branding.

Being that our client works in the development industry, they work alongside individuals in all areas – from contractors to real estate agents. The only Notebook to suggest, is one with infinite customize-ability. Not only did we have the freedom with their full colour cover-to-cover printing, but we have the power to select what the interior “guts” look like. With the capacity of setting up the interior in up to 4 separate blocks, we can ensure this Notebook fits everyone’s needs. This item is nothing but unique for our client and more importantly to the recipients of such a practical gift.


We were thrilled with the samples that the manufacturer provided and are itching with excitement to get these in our clients hands for a test run!


Kelly Tran

Kelly Tran, B.Sc, TAS
Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Misty Mushynsky, TAS
Promotional Marketing Consultant

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