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Unique, Custom Headwear


Our goal for this client was to inspire creativity and achieve something out of the norm. We wanted to produce something custom and completely unique for this client’s consideration.


In order to accomplish a custom look, we reached out to a manufacturer whose business is custom! We began with a few mock-up designs and narrowed it down to our personal favorites that we would want to share with our client. To truly see the value in small changes, we had to get these headwear pieces in hands of our client, not just through a screen.
Making small adjustments to standard embellishments, like adding puff embroidery, gives attitude to this basic Structured Sandwich Visor Cap. The dimension created with the puff embroidery of the logo and the flat embroidered text, makes all the difference for this brand to truly pop! Additionally, we didn’t want to leave any season out of the mix, so our next choice was a Custom Knit Toque. We chose to keep the look subtle, but with a twist. This client has the ideal logo to incorporate it throughout the knit design in a way that is not too loud, but still keeps its branding strong. Choosing to have the logo woven into the toque itself with the text represented with simple clean flat embroidery creates a cool effect and maintains the soft feel for the wearer.


We had the spec samples created and are so impressed with, not only the presence these items demand when brought into a room, but also the quality of the products and decoration. We cannot wait to share these with the client!


Kelly Tran

Kelly Tran, B.Sc, TAS
Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Misty Mushynsky, TAS
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