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A Timely And Lasting Promotion


With the rainy weather Alberta experienced this summer, one of our clients who is always thinking about the properties they manage and the tenants they serve, wanted to go the extra mile with an “epic” promotional product. Epic values their prospect & customer experiences and therefore wanted to protect them from the elements when viewing their properties. They requested something classy, elegant and within their budget but additionally, they required something that would speak loud and make their presence known in and around their properties.


After learning about their brand, we started our quest to source and provide a bold, elegant,  and classy umbrella within their budget.  We selected a lime green umbrella with black trim because these two colors represented their logo and brand very well. We screened printed their logo in black onto the lime green part of the umbrella, so the contrast of their black logo on to the bright green would allow their brand to jump off the material.


Our client is super impressed with the overall look of the umbrella as it encompassed every one of their needs and requests. Their logo stands out on the elegant umbrellas and their customers are dry and happy as is our client.  The result was truly… EPIC!


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Aida Morales
Promotional Marketing Consultant

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