Themed Thank You Gift / Project Souvenir


WSP wanted to thank everyone that had worked on the Alfred project from design to implementation over the year. The Alfred project was a major redesign of WSP’s benefits, wellness, and savings programs. The project got its name from the concept of the overall program being flexible and tailored to employees’ needs. What better way to meet employee needs than by a butler? What name can a butler have? Alfred!


An promotional product was need to fit the butler theme and which would become a thank you gift for the core project team, which consisted of 50 people, including the WSP benefits team, the insurance company, and the benefits consultants. A white desk bell with the WSP and Alfred logos on either side was selected as the best representation of the Alfred project.


In the client’s words: We had gift wrapped the bells and handed them out to everyone at a celebration party. Once everyone had their gift bags, we told them to open them. And you should have seen their faces! Everyone smiled or laughed and started ringing their bells. Many started making plans for their bells right away. A couple people wanted to use it to get their spouse to fetch them coffee. Another wanted to put it on their desk and ring it whenever WSP was discussed. One person was so touched as she had never received a gift from a client before. There was a lot of excitement in the room and everyone agreed it was the perfect souvenir for such an amazing project!


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Carla Novikoff, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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