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Thank-You Video Card From CEO


A personalized recognition that will make the occasion, and gift, far more memorable. In the case of Servus Credit Union, they envisioned such recognition coming in a form of a promotional item, the President’s Award of Excellence to their dedicated employees. They were looking for a keepsake promotional idea that not only has the Servus Credit Union branding, the project logo and information on it but also can insert words of encouragement and gratitude from their CEO.


Of course, Servus Credit Union’s management team could simply send a thank you card with a written message to each employee, but what is the fun of that? We wanted to provide an idea that not only fulfills all of their branding requirements but is also uniquely crafted extraordinarily; something that the recipients would love to keep. Hence, the Soft Cover 4.3″ Video Brochure. The branded card housed their recognition program logo and information, as well as a rechargeable video device that contain a 5-minute, Thank-You video message recorded by their CEO.


This “Thank-You” message is saved in a memory drive that will not fade. Each recipient can replay this message whenever they desire, remembering what they had accomplished through their hard work. Servus Credit Union has since expanded this reward program, and this gift has become a key item to their service recognition.


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Monica Forss, B.P.E., CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Gary Chan, B.Com
Project Manager & Social Media Specialist

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