Summer Employee Safety Campaign



The objective of this campaign was to help Walker Industry Employees keep safety top of mind during their summer holidays by focusing on their well-being when they were off site. The first part of this campaign was required to have a direct connection to open flame safety.


A barbeque spice tube was selected because of its ability to include a safety message on a custom printed storybook card. These barbeque tubes could be used as a spice rub for chicken, steak, or pork and would tie in nicely to the dangers of open flames from barbeques. The storybook cards attached to the tubes also allowed our client to convey the message “Savour the summer heat but keep the flames in the barbeque” with techniques on how to keep flames safely in the barbeque. All employees were presented this product just prior to their holiday.


Not only were we informed that the BBQ Rub was delicious, but many employees commented on the usefulness of the safety information provided in the Story Booklet. A total of zero incidents were reported from all the employees and with the positive feedback Walker Industries received, we were informed that this campaign achieved its goal.


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