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Stylish Branded Headwear


Allied Fittings came to us asking for suggestions on a high-quality snapback caps for their employees and clients. They want to promote their brand with comfortable headwear that can be appropriate for work and remain stylish during causal wear off-the-job.


To meet Allied Fitting’s request, we selected a couple of our favorite Richardson mesh back trucker caps for them. We ensured that the stylishly embroidered logo at the front of the caps matched the color of the mesh at the back of the caps. We purposely placed the embroidered logo on the front left panel of the caps in order to give them a unique and stylish retail look.


Allied Fitting was impressed with the final result, and especially with the subtleness of the logo. They were quite eager to hand out the caps to their employees and clients.


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Shawn Thornewell
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