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Stylish Branded Headwear


Inspired by one of their affiliate’s custom hats, Proserve DKI sought a high-quality hat of their own. With so many types, variations, and specialty hats in the market, Proserve DKI came to us to help them narrow down the selection and decide on the hat that best fit their brand.


After reviewing Proserve DKI’s logo and branding requirements, we presented several cap options that fit their requests. One of their requests being an option that could accommodate both men and women. We conclusively decided on the favourite Richardson cap in 2 different colour choices. This cap style was perfect for complimenting the Proserve DKI logo, which created a classic look with stunning tone-on-tone embroidery detail.


Proserve DKI was impressed with the finished product, both in cap quality and decoration. They are pleased to have a high-quality, branded headwear piece to hand out to their employees and clients alike.


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