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Spreading Smiles with Cuddly Promotional Toys


Have you ever heard about a trucking company giving out toys as a promo? It is what Stahl Peterbilt wants to achieve! It is a cute and clever way for them to promote their brand and show off their friendly side.


We know in our minds that stuffies are the toy of choice. Who doesn’t love a cute and cuddly stuffie to brighten their day? They are relatively inexpensive and easy to customize, making them an ideal promotional item to pair decoratively with the trucks offered at Stahl Peterbilt. The hardest part is deciding which stuffed animals to choose among all the cuteness!


Whenever a customer purchases a new truck at Stahl Peterbilt, one of these cuddly friends will leave with their new owners. They serve as a thank-you gift and a subtle but effective way to remind customers about Stahl Peterbilt’s trucking parts and maintenance services.


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Monica Forss, B.P.E., CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Gary Chan, B.Com
Project Manager & Social Media Specialist

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