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The primary objective of this promotion was for the Alberta Government to raise awareness that their province has safe and secure agriculture and also to stimulate sales and reopen borders for live cattle after three long years of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) or “Mad Cow” disease.


This promotion was unique because it provided the Alberta Government the ability to market beef in the EXACT way it is packaged in local grocery stores. Health Minister Gary Mar was also featured on the back of the packaging stating his promise to “continue close relations to benefit both Alberta and the United States.” “World class agriculture is right next door in Alberta, Canada.” A picture of Canadian hay fields and cows were strategically placed as visual reminders. In addition to the picture, a statement was included that “Alberta is a supplier of safe and secure agricultural and agri-food products to the United States”.


The US government and US purchasers of agriculture who visited the Alberta Office in Washington D.C. were targeted for this promotion. Alberta is the only province to have a consulate in Washington, an honor usually reserved for a country. A total of 300 pieces were produced.


Health Minister Gary Mar distributed them personally to government employees and decision makers in the United States who regulate the importing of beef, top restaurants in Washington and students visiting the office in Washington to educate them about regulations of importing Alberta beef.


More than five months after a single case of BSE was discovered in Alberta, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a long-awaited draft of rules that governed the reopening of American borders to import live Canadian cattle.

This promotion also resulted in an increase of Canadian beef sales through new menu items, displacement of imported products, branded beef promotions and increased awareness of the benefits of beef.