Dancin’ Dance Company asked us to create a new look for the competition season. They were looking for functional and affordable team wear, but also something that would make them stand out in the crowd.


Using the studio colors, we found comfortable and stylish pieces that dancers and teachers can wear as a warm-up outfit, as well as to show off their studio pride in the rehearsal hall and audience. Each jacket was personalized with the dancer’s first name on the sleeve. The visibility of the client’s logo is very important during busy competitions. On the jacket’s left chest location and the pants, we used a simplified version of the logo so that their name and the dancing feet graphic makes a bigger impact. While on the back of the jacket, where there is plenty of room for a larger imprint, we incorporated the full logo. This tactic allows for the logo’s maximum exposure without repeating the same artwork everywhere!


The team looks great and is ready to head to competitions in style and comfort!