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Staff & Volunteer Apparel For Summer Festival


The Taste of Edmonton is our summer festival celebrating the finest local restaurants and culinary delights! CREATIVE was honoured to be a vendor partner and supplied the volunteer shirts and the staff apparel.


The volunteer shirts were printed with the unique Taste of Edmonton spoon logo along with the Festival’s sponsors, The Christmas Bureau and North Central Co-op. The colours of the shirts were dusty blue, orange and grey so that the many attendees could spot a festival volunteer and helper at any moment in their visit. The colours and material were light for the perfect weather and looked super sharp.

The Festival Staff attire consisted of light blue polo shirts, lightweight softshell jackets, and Richardson trucker hats all decorated with a CAD Cut transfer. The upgraded decoration method worked with the upscale look of the apparel choices and unique spoon logo details.


The Taste of Edmonton festival brought so much joy to the community this year as the pandemic restrictions were loosened and life resumed. The amazing hot weather, spectacular concert series, high attendee turnout and the most important thing – great food, all contributed to a year not soon forgotten! CREATIVE took the opportunity to attend this event, as our first team get-together in a while, to treat our staff to a good time! The event is an Edmonton summer must! We are proud to be part of this continuing summer tradition.

CREATIVE at Taste of Edmonton
CREATIVE at Taste of Edmonton
CREATIVE at Taste of Edmonton


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