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Staff Swag Boxes


EY Studio, a North American digital design studio, approached CREATIVE to come up with ideas for a distribution process and a beautiful Swag Box to send out to staff located all across Canada and India.


We created a stellar swag box filled with a comfy Black hoody with a discrete logo on the cuff, a matte water bottle, a large coffee mug, a handy dot journal, a skittles package for a good sugar rush and decals for the laptop. All items were chosen to work in an open, collaborative space while attacking the toughest problems and taking the creative risks necessary to accelerate innovation for their clients. We chose a plain white stock box and a large decal to decorate and seal the box. Each box was packed by our CREATIVE team and sent out at the beginning of July to commemorate an official branch launch across Canada.


All of the recipients were very pleased with the amazing Swag box! The scope and size of the project was all handled by Lisa so that the client did not have to be involved in any of the stages of the project.


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Lisa Reid, B.Ed, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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