Social Multi-Media Project: Dance Power 2020 Competition


Dance Power Enterprise Ltd. operates events across Western Canada and it hosts one of the longest-running dance competitions in North America, called “Dance Power”. Creative has been at the forefront to provide recognition trophies, medals, and event-related promotional products for Dance Power for many years.


We were provided the opportunity to attend one of their regional competitions and award ceremonies in Edmonton, Alberta. Our goal was to document the event with the mixture of photos, videos and Insta-stories, capture the spirit of the competition, catch our products in action, and share them on all of our Social Media platforms. Ultimately, we wanted to reach audiences beyond the connection we had with Dance Power Enterprise Ltd.


This project was part of our on-going #ProductsInAction series. Knowing the demographic of the potential audiences, we were prepared to target each audience through all social media channels. We made use of Instagram Stories and Twitter to target the younger group of audiences, who are the heavy users on those platforms, publishing updates as the event unfolded. We then used Facebook and LinkedIn to house the event highlight video, which allowed us to reach a wider range of audiences, to extend event and product recall at a later time. Finally, we also uploaded the video to YouTube, which acts as a supporting medium, enabling us to embed it to any webpage upon request.


We’ve made 1156 impressions across all platforms with 128 unique video views from non-followers, which helps us to continually build upon our reach towards a larger group of audiences.

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