Social Media Video Project: Charity Pond Hockey Tournament


We produced branded Skate Lace Koozies for our client, Force Inspection Services, to use at their upcoming Charity Pond Hockey Tournament. The objective then was to capture the event, in photography and video, in order to strategically post the content with their target audience. We were also requested to post this social media video project on multiple platforms in order to increase engagement on each platform.


Photos and videos are one of the most popular forms of content on social media.  As part of CREATIVE’S #ProductInAction series, we assist our clients in telling their story by sharing photos and video with their marketplace. We started this social media video project by capturing and sharing our photos of the occasion on the event day. This was performed rather quickly in order to increase participation as well as boost engagement. We then captured numerous hours of video for the production process. Following the publishing, 3 days later the edited video was shared. It highlighted the success of the event on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Social media video project showcasing a client event on social media platforms


A total of 1192 impressions were created across 3 platforms and reached a high percentage of ( 73.3% video view rate ). On Facebook, we also recorded 81 unique views from non-followers, which provided us with a gateway to reach beyond Force Inspection Services current pool of followers.

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