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For Industrial Real Estate


Royal Park Realty wanted to communicate their industrial real estate lots for sale in Leduc Business Park with the objective of increasing brand awareness, generating qualified leads, and driving conversions. Through this campaign, we aimed to establish a strong online presence, foster meaningful engagement, and ultimately drive revenue growth for their business.


We started with optimizing their landing page specifically designed to promote the Leduc Business Park. With this fully optimized we defined our target audience and the key demographics and characteristics of our ideal customers within the industrial real estate sector. We then developed two compelling ad creatives and messages to highlight the unique features, benefits, and value propositions of our industrial real estate offerings. We used A/B testing in the first week of our campaign to find the most compelling message for our target audience.


This ad reached 23,018 people and provided 829 link clicks to their landing page. Through our targeted Facebook ads, we expanded Royal Park Realty’s brand’s reach within the industrial real estate market. The campaign has provided us with valuable insights into their target audience’s demographics. By analyzing the campaign data and metrics, we have gained a deeper understanding of their customer base.

social media paid advertising for industrial real estate


Amber Hoppe, B.COM, DBM
Digital Marketing Director & Social Media Specialist

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Gary Chan, B.Com
Project Manager & Social Media Specialist

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