reports from the Facebook paid advertising campaign for a client's event
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Social Media Paid Advertising For An Event


The Alberta Aboriginal Youth Council (AAYC) wanted to communicate about an upcoming virtual event to more than just their current members, utilizing their social media platforms. Their target audience had to be individuals that currently reside in the province of Alberta. The purpose of this campaign was to build awareness and promote the event.


We chose to strategically utilize Facebook as the primary platform for the paid advertising. A benefit of using this platform is that it can easily filter its users ( campaign audience ) geographically, maximizing the marketing effort. Ads on Facebook can also be shared extremely easily by its users, which also increases impressions beyond the allotted budget.

For the ad itself, we chose to create a video highlighting the details of the event as well as showcasing an image of the speaker.


This ad was successful. We were able to reach 245,609 Facebook users in ONLY 10 days! The returning data also showed that the majority of the target audience reached was 18-44 years old. As a bonus, this data helps us when creating future content and will allow us to better communicate with their audience.


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Jessica Klimko, B.Com, CAS, CDMP
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Gary Chan, B.Com, CAS, FAM Certified
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