Project Description

Provincial Electrical logo

Showing Gratitude To Valued Clients


Our client was looking for unique and innovative client gifts to show how much they value their clients’ business. Provincial Electrical tries to remain at the forefront to introduce items that promote unity, friendship and teamwork. Although they have grown over the past 16 years, Provincial Electrical is a family business at its core and they wanted to show their gratitude to their clients with gifts centered around family values.


Family games such as Cribbage, Tumbling Tower and playing cards are iconic when looking at family time traditions past and present and our client very quickly embraced the idea of completely custom game sets! Every wooden block of the Tumbling Tower and the box lid were lasered with the Provincial Electrical logo and the crib board was a completely custom mold showcasing the logo in the center. Classic playing cards completed the game set. These gifts would definitely convey the family sentiment! And because the gift-giving took place around the holidays, we created a candy jar with a Christmas ornament, which would up in Provincial Electrical purple and was topped of with a custom a lid.