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Showing Gratitude With Gifts For Valued Clients


Provincial Electric was looking for unique and innovative gifts for clients to show how much they truly appreciate their business.  Additionally this promotion was required to show their gratitude with gifts centered around family values and if possible, it needed to include some sort of tie with lighting or electricity.


Since family games such as cribbage, Jenga and playing cards are iconic games related to family time or family traditions, Provincial Electric quickly embraced the idea of creating custom game sets!  We selected a giant Jenga (tumbling blocks), custom playing cards with a custom cribbage board and an innovative candy jar that included a Christmas ornament, which would light up in Provincial Electrics purple.   These gifts would convey the family sentiment and would become much-appreciated gifts for valued clients and their families.   Every wooden block in the giant Jenga as well as the box lid were lasered with the Provincial Electrical logo.  Additionally, the unique crib board was a completely custom mold showcasing the logo in the center. Classic playing cards with Provincial’s logo completed the game sets.


According to the owners of Provincial Electric, this promotion was incredibly successful.  Their clients were thrilled at the usefulness of the gifts, the amount of detail & thought that went into each piece and additionally that each item tied in beautifully with the custom capabilities that Provincial Electric provides its own clients on their own projects.