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Service Award Program


Our People Define Us – This is a bold statement but SMS Equipment really, truly appreciates the dedication and commitment of their employees to drive the operation. To celebrate the major milestones of years of service, we created the SMS Equipment Service Award Program.


The program was built to gift the employees for every 5 years of service. With over 2200 SMS employees across Canada, it is imperative to have a program that can work with the amount of information needed to manage the gift selection and process and also support specific reporting needs. The list of gift selection is enormous as there are more than 20 gift options per level. This online employee recognition program was created as a BILINGUAL website to ensure the inclusion of all SMS regions across Canada.


The program has been a success with an initial list of 220 employees celebrating years of service!


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Lisa Reid, B.Ed, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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