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School Pop-Up Store


Parkland School Division wanted an online pop-up store for students, parents, and staff to use at specific times during the year for different purposes. The objective was to build a flexible online store that would be easily accessible and support order processing, payment collection, and distribution of branded apparel and accessories.


An online store was built to support their desired objectives. Once their online platform was developed, CREATIVE was able to modify the store to accommodate different purposes each time it opened to accommodate different offerings. Often times it is used to collect item selections, colour choices, and sizing from the different users when gifting a specific item. Other times it offers a collection of products that is available for purchase with a credit card. Once the store closes, all orders are processed and distributed.


This store has been a very effective tool for the Parkland School Division. They are able to use the same platform for a variety of offerings making it very flexible. The website is very accessible to their staff, parents, and students and easy to use. They also have a service award recognition program on the same platform through CREATIVE that runs as a separate entity.


Kelly Tran

Kelly Tran, B.Sc, MAS, FAM Certified
Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Rob Mandryk, B.COM, CAS, FAM
Program Manager, Virtual Marketing Assistant

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