School Pop Up Store With Branded Apparel


Gold Bar School wanted to offer branded apparel to the students, parents, and staff. They wanted help creating a convenient platform that would assist in capturing the orders, collecting payment, and distributing the product.


CREATIVE built an online Pop-Up Store that would suit the needs of this project and accommodate the workload that goes into communicating and organizing an order such as this. A small, specific collection of products was selected to adhere to the upcoming fall/winter season with shirts, hoodies, and toques.


The store was successful in being conveniently accessible, online order processing, and collecting secure payments and the product looked great! They will open the store on a regular basis to offer different collections of products.


Rob Mandryk, B.COM, CAS, FAM
Program Manager, Virtual Marketing Assistant

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Lisa Reid Photo

Lisa Reid, B.Ed, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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