Say Thanks And Boost Cheering


The managers of a local hockey team were seeking a way to THANK PARENTS for their support and also BOOST or inspire cheering. The target audience were the parents of this competitive hockey club but more specifically the moms, daughters and grandmothers of the players. Additionally, a team list of all the players numbers & names needed to accompany this gift.


Our agency sourced RALLY FINGERS, which are gloves with POM POMS on the tips of each finger. They were created in black and white with a “GO SSAC” imprint. We attached laminated cards representing the players numbers, names and even parent names to ensure that everyone felt comfortable connecting with each other.


The gloves were a huge success in that they created incredible team spirit! They encouraged socialization within and outside the team and the cards were used throughout the season to remind family members which number of jersey belonged to which player.


Pete Kmech Photo