The primary objective of this promotion was to create a sales incentive contest that created excitement and inspired motivation around a unique theme in order to stimulate sales in three different divisions including a wide variety of demographics [age & sex] and psychographics [lifestyles] within the organization.


The highlight of this promotion was the carefully choreographed and timed marketing production. In addition, the number of strategically selected promotional products needed to properly launch and maintain the level of excitement is what makes this promotion stand above all others. National Home Warranty, has three divisions which sparked a creative idea for us to borrow Walt Disney’s legendary theme, “The Three Musketeers.” In addition to the theme, the slogan “One for all, and all for one” was also implemented because it embodied the company’s values of different divisions working together as one. Since the original story took place in Paris in 1884 we furthermore created a grand prize round trip to Paris, France to the winning staff members. Each product distributed included the “One for all” logo, tactically placed except for the “Three Musketeers” chocolate bars (logo says it all).


There were a total of 24 unique products chosen, strategically designed, carefully ordered and fulfilled over a 1 year period.

JANUARY | Week 1 – Chocolate Eiffel Tower; Week 3 – Little Black Book of Paris
FEBRUARY | Week 1 – Arc de Triomphe Fridge Magnet; Week 3 – Mona Lisa Book Mark
MARCH | Week 1 – Custom Cookies; Week 3 – Chocolate Euros = 6 each
APRIL | Week 1 – Custom Coffee Mug; Week 3 – Gourmet Coffee – French Vanilla coffee
MAY | Week 1 – Paper Cube with French Design; Week 3 – Chocolate Eiffel Tower
JUNE | Week 1 – Magnet of French Flag with a list of things to do in Paris; Week 3 – French/English Dictionary
JULY | Week 1 – Postcard; Week 3 – Chocolate Euros (minimum order 1000) = 6 each
AUGUST | Week 1 – Paris Night Light; Week 3 – Chocolate Eiffel Tower
SEPTEMBER | Week 1 – Eiffel Tower Pencil; Week 3 – Map of France or tourist walking map of Paris
OCTOBER | Week 1 – French Desk Flag; Week 3 – Under Paris Skies Travel CD
NOVEMBER | Week 1 – Chocolate Eiffel Tower; Week 3 – Wine & Food Matching Guide Fridge Magnet
DECEMBER | Week 1 – Chocolate Euros = 6 each; Week 3 – Gourmet Coffee – French Vanilla coffee


As a sales driven promotion, the client established revenue targets for each division and compared their current revenues with their target. As of August 31st, 2008 collectively the divisions had reached over 80% of their targets.