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Safety Incentive Program


The objective for Valard was to integrate with their ERP system and accommodate the selection and timely delivery of incentive awards to employees across Canada.


The strategy was to develop an online incentive award program that is points based. Points were rewarded to individuals for safe practices in the workplace. Employees were allowed to redeem their points at any time and place orders online for the awards of their choice. We integrated our software with Valard’s ERP system to accurately and effectively manage the accounts and generate reporting. Stock was held at the CREATIVE warehouse and distributed on a daily basis for timely delivery and immediate recognition.


This program is very successful in how it operated internally and externally. Administratively, it was user-friendly being integrated with the ERP system for timely and accurate operations. Employees were able to access the store from anywhere on any device and have the awards shipped to their home or office. This was a great benefit as many employees work in the field and work locations changed continuously. Holding inventory allowed for fast delivery of awards that were already branded. The Valard brand was monitored and brand standards enforced as the awards were distributed.


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Lisa Reid, B.Ed, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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