Safety Incentive & Co-Branding Quality


SITECH was looking for a high-quality item with a high price point as their safety incentive for 2018.


The product selected needed to be compatible with both men and women. The client had a tight timeline to select the items, so YETI tumblers were an excellent choice. YETI products are well-known, with a dependable design and function, top-notch look and most importantly, are built to last. The SITECH logo was laser engraved on the tumblers to match their metal trims. This technique, of blending the client’s brand into the existing design of the product creates a more custom and seamless product look.


Co-branding with well-known brands is an excellent promotional strategy that increases the overall value of the promotion and the perception of your brand. It also ensures that the products are well received by the recipients. And they were! The client and employees were thrilled with their gifts and will be sure to show them off.