Retail POS (Point Of Sale) Box Design


Our client was launching a brand-new product, called Garage Floor Shield, and needed packaging designed for it.


We started off with market and competition analysis, followed by product discovery. Because this product was still being produced, we had to heavily rely on the resourcefulness of our creative services team to create lifestyle images for the box that would help potential buyers understand how this product can be used. Knowing that the competition boxes at the retailers are mostly plain and somewhat outdated, we created a modern and sleek design, incorporating helpful images and stressing the selling points of the product. Every side of the box was strategically designed using elements and colours consistent with the new brand.


Our client was extremely happy with the final look of the boxes! Compared to similar products on the retailers’ shelves, these boxes stand out, make an impression and keep flying out of the shelves!

Product Branding For Retail

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Briana Medwechuk

Briana Medwechuk
Graphic Designer

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Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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