Reinforcing Company Values & Purpose



Lilly Pharmaceutical Company was looking for a way to encourage pride in the workplace while reminding employees of the company’s purpose and culture.


The tech tattoo sheets were a great item to promote the brand identity, with quick reminders of their company values. Different shapes and sizes gave employees the freedom to pick and choose which decals they wanted to use and where to adhere them.


The tech tattoo sheets were handed out to all employees at a company function as well as given to any new hire. With multiple decals to choose from, Team Lilly stickers began to show up everywhere. The letter “L” on keyboards were suddenly highlighted in the red and white decals and laptops sported the large circular piece. The Team Lilly decal highlighting the company’s purpose, as well as, culture experiences. This was an easy reminder to each employee of what they were accomplishing while working for this particular employer. The project was so popular, it has repeated itself each month since its inception.


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