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Recognition Awards Program


Western Archrib wanted to create a recognition program to award their employees for reaching long-service milestones with the company. They wanted a platform that would be accessible online and offer a selection of awards to choose from instead of trying to guess what people wanted. They had a smaller staff and a lower volume of awards but inquired if we could create a program at that scale that would benefit them.


A program was developed on a smaller scale but offered the same benefits as a larger-scale program. We worked with them to specify the milestone categories they required and offered a range of selections in each of those categories, some of which were branded apparel. We requested their list of eligible employees and created their accounts for them so that when they logged in, they would see the category they were eligible for. Notifications were sent to the employees with a link to the online program and instructions on how to select. We opened the store for a 3-week period to allow people to submit their selections. This also benefited the company by only needing the program open for a few weeks as opposed to all year round.


The program runs for a three-week period each year and is a great strategy to group the awards when managing a lower volume of awards. Employees now have a selection of items to choose from. The website is easy to use, communications are clear and effective, and awards are delivered in a timely manner.


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Lisa Reid, B.Ed, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Rob Mandryk, B.COM, CAS, FAM
Program Manager, Virtual Marketing Assistant

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