rebranding for a startup pet supplies companyrebranding for a startup pet supplies company

Rebranding for a Startup Pet Supplies Company


Our client was on a trajectory to place their line of products in some major retailers and needed to improve and standardize their branding. They had an existing logo which didn’t really match their vision, so they came to us with a need to upgrade it.


We learned Dogs & Company wanted to extend their product lines to cater to other pets, such as cats and even horses. A major need was to truly reflect the whimsical character of this brand, the company owner and each animal in the logo. There are a lot of personal backstories weaved in there and a plan to develop each animal into its own character; they have names and personalities; that’s why it was so important to get it just right and have the client be part of it all. Not a small task but we were up for it! Through working closely with the client, the logo was created LIVE in front of their eyes and with their feedback/suggestions via live stream. This was to ensure that every aspect of the logo, down to each animal’s perceived character was portrayed in just the right way as our client needed.


We now have an extremely happy client. Since the creation of the logo, we’ve developed their own brand pattern, packaging and displays to further instill the new look of this brand and all of its character!


Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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