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Rebrand & Brand Guidelines


Splashdown is a well-established brand and their service offering has grown over the years. Recognizing that their logo no longer represented their brand effectively, this client came to us in search of experts who would be able to support them in rebranding.


Through the discovery process with the client, our designers learned that although Splashdown is Edmonton’s largest eavestrough installation company, their services have expanded to other exterior installations. The new logo needed to represent those services in a concise and modern way. We researched home exterior diagrams to find that the soffit area of the exterior is mostly represented by a triangular diagram which became the inspiration for the triangle shape of the logo mark. We incorporated carefully-chosen colours, each one representing one of the services, which can be further instilled in Splashdown’s further marketing moving forward. The choice to list the four main services under the logo was very deliberate to ensure that potential clients know the exact scope of all that Splashdown can offer.

A set of Brand Guidelines was created next. The brand colours, logo usage, typography and promotional examples were showcased in this document to ensure ongoing consistency using the new brand.


The final result is a bold logo that makes a statement. Once the new logo was created, we completed the brand look with a set of new business cards and our web developers were tasked with creating a modern, new website. Our client loves both end-results and now, together with Splashdown, our team is strategizing their upcoming marketing campaigns featuring their new brand!


Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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