Conspiracy Of Hope logo



The objective of this promotion was to unite a community of people to raise awareness about suicide, inspire hope and save lives.  A custom bracelet was created to achieve this very goal and encourage people to reach out to others and start a conversation about mental health & wellbeing.


Teens and adults were targeted who either share in the loss due to suicide or are challenged by thoughts of suicide.

The bracelets were created as limited edition for a special event.  We suggested that the bracelets be bundled in pairs to encourage people to start a conversation. Keep one, give one. Every detail of the bracelet was intentional.  The black band was chosen to represent darkness and despair.  The gloss and shine of the logo charm were selected to reflect light and hope.

The social media (Facebook & Twitter) following of the woman who had an epiphany for the entire project, has been a driving force in building the Conspiracy of Hope. Her talent as a photographer to capture a moment and tell a story has resonated strongly with many people. The more connections she makes, the more people are inspired by her, who in turn, buy bracelets and support the Conspiracy of Hope initiatives. All money raised supports suicide prevention resources.


Bracelets were ordered and stocked in 3 local coffee houses (partnering sponsors).  They sold out quickly and additional bracelets had to be ordered.  The program accelerated so quickly that from concept to the first event was about 2 months and with all of the support locally and requests from across Canada, the Conspiracy of Hope expanded from the original locations to a national promotion.