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ZEN Residential (Formerly MMG Property Management) aimed at a complete business rebrand and a dynamic website. Our focus was on targeting Developers & Owners for property management services and reaching renters for managed properties. In addition to these goals, we integrated a News & Resources page, an About Us section, and a dedicated Projects page, offering a comprehensive online experience that aligns with ZEN Residential’s vision and showcases their expertise.


At CREATIVE, our strategy for ZEN Residential is centred around developing a modern, visually captivating, and mobile-friendly website. We prioritized clear navigation, strategically placed Calls to Action, and a distinct separation between sections for Developers & Owners and Renters, ensuring an exceptional user experience. Tailored landing pages were crafted, spotlighting ZEN’s services for Developers & Owners and providing Renters with compelling reasons to choose ZEN. This approach aimed to deliver a seamless online journey, enticing and guiding visitors towards their specific interests within the real estate spectrum.


The results of our collaboration with ZEN Residential have been nothing short of exceptional. The unveiling of the new website elicited genuine enthusiasm from the client, who expressed immense satisfaction with the final product. Since the launch, ZEN Residential has experienced tangible success, witnessing a notable influx of interest from both Developers & Owners and Renters. The website’s strategic design and content have played a pivotal role in attracting new clientele, positioning ZEN Residential as a prominent player in Alberta’s property management landscape. This accomplishment not only reflects the effectiveness of the rebranding efforts but also underscores the elevated status achieved by ZEN Residential as one of the top property management companies in the region.

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