Promoting Bully Prevention


Our agency directly experienced workplace bullying and after separating we collectively agreed to support BULLY PREVENTION. Our objective was to uniquely display our commitment to clients, prospects, and vendors who visited our building while allowing those visitors to help us in our charitable cause.


We located a City of Edmonton parking meter and transformed it into a KINDNESS METER that was capable of collecting change (quarters, loonies & toonies). We had it painted with our corporate colors and added signage around the meter to inform visitors to our building.


Not only does our CREATIVE kindness meter provide financial support to Bully Prevention, but it also reminds our staff of the importance of a kind, supportive and healthy corporate culture. Additionally, we created a similar kindness meter for one of our clients (WOW LIGHTING) who has also used this as a product and an opportunity to spread kindness in their industry.


Pete Kmech Photo