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Promoting A Zoo Exhibit


In May of 2018, everyone in Calgary was “Panda Crazy” as the city welcomed adult pandas Er Shun, Da Mao and cubs Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue to their new home at The Calgary Zoo. Corus wanted a product that could be used to highlight their partnership with the Calgary Zoo and Panda Passage.


Three custom lapel pins were created incorporating the logos and different panda poses into the design. Although small, a lot of detail can go into lapel pins, and these were color-filled to not only accentuate the recognizable panda pattern but also to keep true to brand colors for each logo.


The pins were highly coveted by Corus viewers and listeners! They managed to help raise awareness about the panda exhibit while also increasing Corus brand awareness within the community. Please take a moment two view the pandas’ page on the Calgary Zoo’s website and enjoy the live Panda Cam views from the exhibit! Click here to view.


Carla Novikoff photo

Carla Novikoff, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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