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Promoting A New School Through Branded Apparel

Davidson Creek school is a brand new school that opened up in September 2018. The staff and students wanted apparel to show off their new MUSTANGS logo, as well as, to fundraise for additional funds for classroom supplies. The school selected standard t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants for students, and opted for higher end Cutter and Buck, and Under Armour apparel for staff. The color schemes were similar, and parents had the option to order pieces in black, grey, and white while keeping the same logo, but allowing students to have multiple pieces in different colors!

The school also opted to use an Online Pop-Up Store to collect orders during the launch of this school apparel line. This approach creates ease of use and a “hands-off” process for parent council and administration. The store was opened for 2 weeks, orders were collected, placed, separated and delivered to the school in a timely manner.


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Vanessa Antoniuk
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