Intuit logo and project title: Product Packaging & Presentation



Intuit needed to create t-shirts that would appeal to their younger audience and which they could easily hand out during their upcoming events and University recruiting. The client was specific in that they also wanted a reference to Edmonton somehow incorporated into the design.


We decided to keep the design clean and on-brand on the front of the shirt by including only the Intuit logo. But we had more fun on the back by creating a heart design with YEG, which is known to reference Edmonton ( YEG is Edmonton’s airport code and is commonly used in social media by the younger generation ). To keep things organized at busy events, we also created belly bands, each specifying the size of the shirt and whether it was ladies’ or men’s sizes. This not only speeds up the process of finding the right shirt to hand out, by removing the need to sift through heaps of shirts, but it also provides yet another branding opportunity for Intuit.