Product Branding For Retail


Our client was in the process of manufacturing a brand-new product directed at retail and needed a logo and branding strategy for it.


We communicated with the client regarding the product value proposition, its competition, and the current marketplace. We wanted to fully understand the space before we dove into the logo design, knowing that packaging and digital presence would be the next steps. Understanding how similar products get packaged and sold in retailers was crucial. We wanted the brand to be modern, stand out immediately yet be approachable. Everything in this logo has its meaning. The product is a garage floor mat that protects the floor from spills and dirt and we wanted it incorporated into the logo and to correspond in colour to the word SHIELD. The different colours above the car graphic represent a variety of elements the car could be exposed to. The windshield wipers were added to the car to signify bad weather conditions. Along with the logo, we provided the client with a Logo Manual to ensure any future reproduction of the logo, will always stay consistent with the brand.


The client was thrilled to have this new logo represent their product. We’ve since moved on to packaging and online projects for this product, which will match the logo in terms of colours and style. This logo will surely make the product stand out amongst the competition.


Anna Paczkowska

Anna Paczkowska, FAM Certified
Creative Director, Executive Virtual Marketing Assistant

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