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Practical Travel Giveaway


Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA) wanted to provide a promotional giveaway to fit the theme of their “Transportation Connects Alberta” conference, which is clean and efficient technology in the transportation system. They wanted this giveaway item to be unique and practical to the end users as well.


As most of the attendees were traveling from various locations to attend this conference, a Window Solar Charger for Smartphones was chosen as the perfect item for this audience.  And because this charger harnesses clean, renewable energy, it was a great fit for the client’s theme. The challenge with this project was the fact that the options for a good quality window solar charger in the current promotional market are scarce. Great connections to the rescue! We relied on our trusted overseas partner, who sourced this product with superb quality and functionality, along with a sleek design that fit our client’s branding needs. Mission accomplished!


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Monica Forss, B.P.E., CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant

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Gary Chan, B.Com
Project Manager & Social Media Specialist

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