PPE Personal Protective Masks


The requirement to meet with clients and prospects within and outside of the office was increasing and personal protection became critical during the pandemic. Therefore, we were required to locate masks that were not only safe, attractive (with our company logo) but also fit our team’s faces properly to ensure that we had the best protection.


There is currently an influx of PPE products in the market place however many of those products don’t properly protect people.

Our team researched over 50 masks from various vendors around the world. We tested each with wear, breathability, sizing, and washing to ensure that we selected the best product. We found 3 vendors that meet our needs with adjustable straps, nose clips, and breathability. Additionally, we tested the imprinting on the product to ensure that our logo was visible and it adhered to the fabric properly.


Our team has had numerous successful meetings with prospects, clients, and vendors. All meetings we performed with PPE products that protected those in attendance.


Pete Kmech Photo