Point of Sale Campaign



The objective of this promotion was to create an ethical and responsible values campaign for consumers based on safe driving.  Additionally, this campaign was required to increase sales of McAuslan beer by a minimum of 25%.


The Alco single-use breathalyzer promotional product was selected as a point of sale add-on product for this campaign.  During the months of November and December, with every 12-pack purchase of McAuslan, one Alco Tester was included with each case.  This promotion was built around its ability to provide consumers a focus on the use of motorized vehicles without impairment.  Additionally, point of sale marketing material was created and the testers included a romance card to assist in the communication of this promotion.


McAuslan was more than pleased with the DOUBLING of sales in the two months that this campaign ran. Additionally, the FREE newspaper,
television and radio media that picked up this story and broadcasted it to consumers was an unexpected driving force. Not only did this campaign expose more people to McAuslan, it also created a demand that surpassed our the sales increase of 25% year over year.


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