Plush Comfort Toy for Children



We were required to create a super cuddly and adorable teddy bear toy to assist in bringing a sense of normalcy to children who would be receiving a prosthetic limb(s).  Additionally, this product was required to signify the look of their new figure (post-surgery), have a motivational message and provide comfort to each recipient.


We managed to design and build a custom plush teddy bear with 1 or 2 prosthetic legs. We wanted every child that received a prosthetic foot to be comforted by a bear that looked just like them.  In the woods of College Park, there lives a young bear cub named Truper. Truper Teddy became the name and motivational message for this adorable plush toy. He or she was created as a small bear, filled with courage, wit, and laughter. We also strategically included an activity book and sticker sheet that would come with Truper Teddy to provide a distraction or relief from any pain.


College Park receives a lot of social media recognition as pictures are posted to Facebook and Twitter of Truper Teddy with each of his new friends. Acting as a brand ambassador, Truper Teddy is photographed at trade shows, special events and travelling throughout the world to bring comfort to children. Every recipient that received Truper Teddy has indicated that this toy was instrumental to their recovery which confirms that we achieve our objective.


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