Original Gift Idea With A Quick Turnaround


Our team was put in a challenging yet manageable situation with a special request from one of our clients.  They approached us on a Wednesday morning with the requirement of having a personalized gift for their Saturday event (2 working days).  Additionally, this gift needed to be something the recipient would love and it was required to be personalized as well.


We presented the idea of a liquor bottle that could have the front label removed for a deep etch color-fill imprint.  It was determined that Crown Royal was the recipient’s favorite liquor and if we had enough time to personalize it with an imprint, this gift would be perfect for the event/recipient!  Therefore, we quickly contacted our preferred vendor for a huge favor and determined that there was enough time to complete this project.  Then, we activated our Creative Services department with a virtual of the product and had it approved by the client so we could proceed quickly.  Following the approval, the product was ordered and delivered on Friday evening (due to the time, we took the extra step of delivering it to our clients home).


We received a wonderful Facebook review following the successful event/promotion.


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